Wednesday, July 25, 2012

contingency plan

Primary Photo [click for next photo]
this is the amazing house* (Sorry, MLS removed the image!)

I found a house. One that I want to buy, should we get a definite "no" from the city on our house-building dreams. It was built in 1963, and while it has some unusual updates that I would want to un-do, it is kind of a gem.

I mean, check out those floor-to-ceiling windows, and that covered balcony? It has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, a very private backyard, and a two car garage. Plus, nearly all of the basement is storage (perfect for my hoarding-self).

I would want to make a few updates immediately. Remove the crown molding from the main living area.
Living Room [click for next photo]
the main living room has brick walls and floor to ceiling windows, and crown molding

Replace the turned-wood banister with something modern and chic, and remove the carpet from the stairs.

Stairs [click for next photo]
the old ugly banister
what I would choose instead (source)
Completely redo the kitchen, removing the dropped ceiling and possibly some walls to open it up. 

Kitchen [click for next photo]
the ugly kitchen
the feel of what I would choose instead (probably from Ikea) (source)
Replace the outdoor railing with something modern and chic.

Deck View [click for next photo]
the new railing, that doesn't fit the style of the house at all
the kind of railing I would choose (source)
There are other little things. Make a garden in the backyard. Replace the garage doors. Remove the deck carpeting. But really, I see so much potential in this house. It probably not going to happen, but a girl can dream, can't she?

*All house pictures taken from MLS listing.

turn a trick

Here's a collection of clever things I want to remember when we build (or buy) a home. All of these images are taken from one of my Pinterest boards. You can view them there to find the original sources.

ventilated drawer to store non-refrigerated foods 
ipod wall dock to play music over speakers throughout the home 
 pull-out cutting board above your pull-out green bin/garbage can 
in-wall, between stud storage for small bathroom items 
plug in bathroom drawer for hair styling tools